About High Street Goodsyard

Get Living are working with award-winning Glasgow architects, Stallan-Brand, to create bespoke intergenerational build-to-rent and student properties in the evolving city centre of Glasgow.

The enhanced placemaking approach adopted by the design team will encourage ground floor activation by providing a sequence of green spaces providing a mix of amenity and open spaces, enabling a street based public realm creating a ‘liveable urban neighbourhood’ for generations to enjoy.

Built on the historic site of the original University of Glasgow, the proposed development will be an attractive, safe environment incorporating a range of additional facilities such as retail and commercial units.

Set within what will be a beautiful landscape that will take its inspiration from many Glasgow institutions, including the famous Moledinar Burn, the proposal will be a destination that link’s the city’s rich past with Glasgow’s international reputation for creating landmark developments.

With excellent transport links, conference facilities, sporting facilities and some of the UK’s best cultural, retail and nightlife opportunities within walking distance, the proposed development will set a new standard for living in Glasgow by a developer at the forefront of delivering neighbourhoods people want to live in.

About this Consultation

Get Living Group (Glasgow) Ltd. are in the process of seeking planning consent for the site at Former College Street Goods Yard, Adjacent to No 4 Parsonage Square, Glasgow.

Click here to view the Proposal of Application Notice Location Plan

The application site already benefits from planning consent for a similar scale and nature of development, approved in December 2018. This also included retail, leisure, food and drink, business, and commercial uses, build to rent residential and student accommodation.

Upon review of the consented design and following Get Living’s ongoing experience with residents during Covid- 19, it is felt that the expectations within the sector have moved on since conception and therefore further improvements to the design and quality of the scheme can be made, also serving to reduce impacts on neighbouring residential properties.

Against this background, and with an established principle of development, Get Living is now looking to remix thisscheme and submit a new planning application to deliver what we feel is a better-quality market facingproposition. The proposed scheme is now a truly intergenerational housing offer.

This Consultation seeks to update on the developments to the design proposals and seek further input from local residents and key stakeholders.

About Get Living

Get Living is the UK’s leading build-to-rent operator of large-scale residential neighbourhoods. A pioneer in the build to rent sector, Get Living offers simple, straightforward living in brilliant big city neighbourhoods. Its market-leading expertise is derived from over seven years of actively operating the UK’s most prominent build to rent asset, East Village.

Get Living’s £2billion portfolio comprises 3,000 homes for rent across three neighbourhoods; East Village and Elephant Central in London and New Maker Yards at Middlewood Locks, Manchester. Further neighbourhoods are planned in the UK’s six biggest cities, including Leeds and Glasgow, with ambitions to grow the portfolio to 12,500 homes within five years.

Get Living wants its residents life with them to be simple. They do not ask for security deposits, and offer flexible tenancies and a residents’-only break clause to provide security as well as flexibility. They are changing the way people rent and have won multiple awards for their pioneering approach to customer service.

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Watch our Design Team Presentation

Learn more about the High Street Goodsyard project and design proposals from the architectural team. Paul Stallan and Nick Ecob from Stallan-Brand introduce changes to the design from the previously consented scheme.

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There are a number of ways to have your say on the proposals for High Street Goodsyard, both online and in-person